Finance like
never before

Powerful | Collaborative | Simple

Smart workflows for finance teams to boost productivity and strategic impact

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One product, all you ever wanted
Cash·-·flow forecasting
Scenario building
Strategic planning
Cash·-·flow forecasting
If cash is King, welcome to your Kingdom

From clear view of cash at hand to AI-powered forecasting

Smart planning and tracking

Ensure everyone is aligned for business impact

What if analysis like never before

Explore your options, compare them, make insightful decisions

Driving strategy for modern companies

Portray your plan in a canvas, build your own future

Insightful, easy, beautiful

You won’t understand why it was so painful before

Why Abacum?


Stay in control.
Unleash your rocket potential

Best practices for financial planning and tailor-made workflows. Unstructured data turned into actionable insights. A new era for reporting


Fly to the center of the strategic debate

Let Abacum run automatically the manual tasks you should not do. Spend your valuable time in analysis and recommendation


The single source of truth.
Your North Star

The fastest integration with your tech stack. Master the single source of truth with the most intuitive all-in-one platform


Automate manual tasks, stay in control, gain influence and report strategic insights

Manual tasks
Human errors and operational risk
Enhanced control and visibility
Tedious processes
Reduced productivity
Automation of critical financial workflows
Inconsistent data
Complexity and poor decision making
Single source of truth
Siloed finance teams
Lost in translation and lack of engagement
Collaboration with key stakeholders
High administrative workload
No time for value- added tasks
Finance at the center of the strategic debate